This is the inaugural event.

You won't want to miss the first one!

The first annual Mountain Techology Symposium will be held at the prestigious Telluride Ski and Golf Resort. The idea for this event was conceived by long time Telluride industry professionals Chris Jaquet and Benjamin Whiting. They'd been seeing other attempts at collaborative efforts happening within the industry but wanted to take it to the next level. This event will provide an unprecedented level of engagement, collaboration, and interaction. Each participant will be provided a unique opportunity to interact and network directly with like-minded peers within the industry. Imagine experiencing an open environment in which we can all exchange ideas and work together to come up innovative solutions to propel us all into the future. This event will provide that environment and will bring together all of those like-minded peers to work with.

Committee Members:
Chris Jaquet, Software Specialist - Telluride Ski and Golf
Paul Thomson, Director of Information Technology – Mt. Hood Meadows
Martin Cassens, Director of Information Technology – Alyeska Resort
Miah Cottrell, Director of Information Technology – Tahoe/Donner
Lisa Gentry, Director of Business Systems - Jackson Hole Mtn. Resort


Travel Day - September 28th, 2017

  • Arrival

    Welcome reception and mixer at Tomboy Tavern

Day One - Friday September 29, 2017

All sessions at Peaks Hotel

  • Attendees


    Registration + Breakfast
    @ Big Billies Ballroom
  • Welcome, conference goals and agenda

  • Session 1

    Hospitality Track:
    Data Interoperability -
    "Better Decisions, Lower Costs"
    Sponsored by
  • Session 2

    Hospitality Track:
    Connected Customer Experience -
    " A fresh approach to POS,
    eCommerce and Guest Engagement "
    Sponsored by
    Connect InTouch
    Technology Track:
    Creating passionate, Loyal Guests -
    " Influencing guest behavior by
    utilizing targeted, data driven loyalty logic "
    Sponsored by
  • Lunch @ Crystal Room and Deck

  • Session 3

    Hospitality Track:
    Digitizing Hotels & Building the Future of Hospitality -
    " Take WiFi beyond guest internet access and learn how you can add Business Intelligence over your infrastructure "
    Sponsored by
    Technology Track:
    Access Control -
    " RFID Technologies to limit fraud, improve guest experience and increase revenue "
    Sponsored by
  • Session 4

    Hospitality Track:
    Role of Technology in Customer Acquisition and Retention -
    " Exploring how technology can be used to bring in new customers and keep them coming back "
    Sponsored by
    Technology Track:
    The Digital Transformation Model -
    " Document Archiving and Electronic Workflow "
    " Digitizing printed signs to digital signage and kiosks "
    Sponsored by
    ImageNet Consulting
  • Mixer in downtown Telluride
    with Sponsors @ Oak

    Attendees buy own dinner

Day Two - Saturday September 30, 2017

Please refer to each session for location information

  • Breakfast at Legends + Break

  • Keynote Speaker – Bill Jensen

    "What role does technology play in our industry, what roles does it not play?"

  • Session 5

    ERP bringing it all together - "Cost-efficient strategies to deliver streamlined operations"
    Sponsored by

  • Trade Show

  • Golf Scramble

  • Dinner at Altezza

Day Three - Sunday October 1st, 2017

All sessions in Big Billies Ballroom Peaks Hotel

  • Breakfast at Legends + Break

  • Session 6

    "Simplified management, standard build-out, automation and increased agility in network and datacenter architectures "
    Sponsored by
    Venture Technologies



Radio Frequency Identification technologies - UHF vs. HF and Software That Supports Them


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and Europay, MasterCard, Visa - supporting emerging payment methods securely


Electronic Commerce - pass reload and digitizing the sales process


Bring Your Own Device - Mobile devices blurring the line between professional and personal


Enterprise Resource Planning - bringing it all together (Lodging, Food and Bev, Retail, Spa, Golf, Membership, Activities)


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Aspenware is a trusted software services company that has been located in Denver, CO for over 16 years. Having worked with dozens of ski resort operators and vendors, they "come alongside" and partner with their clients to help them solve tough and value-based technical challenges faced within their businesses. With a specialty in ecommerce and guest-engagement applications, Aspenware is the Go-To custom development and consulting shop with the deepest technical chops stacked with the most advanced know-how and experience in the ski industry.

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Many things have changed in the ten years we've been in business. What drives us remains the same. It's about making ski school management simpler, clearer and easier so you can focus on what really matters - delivering great lessons that keep folks coming back for life.

What does simpler, clearer and easier look like?

Simpler is a one-stop-shop solution for ski school management. It's not fighting half a dozen piecemeal solutions to talk to each other. Whether its keeping track of kids on the snow, scheduling and managing your instructors, facilitating guest feedback and marketing, or fine tuning your products and class ratios… we've got you covered.

Clearer is quickly seeing and understanding what matters on the hill and in the business. It's "mountain visibility" - zooming out for the big picture of how traffic is flowing on the mountain, and zooming in on the person or business question you need answering. Clarity is real-time GPS tracking of your people on the hill and holistic data dashboards and tools for the business.

Easier is being able to achieve what you effortlessly. Easier is intuitive solutions, focused on the right problems. It's us working closely with our customers to identify real needs, prototype early ideas in the field and quickly evolve solutions that work in the real world. It's us evolving with you, not getting stuck in old ways when they no longer work.

We look forward to making a difference at your school.

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Perfect access management begins at your customer's home.

Perfect access management does not only play an important role at the ski resort. It does not start at the cash desk on site, but rather at your customer´s home, such as with the purchase of online tickets. And it does not end with the last descent down the mountain. Because bonus points, valuable information about the ski day, and numerous other benefits make sure that the perfect ski day continues to provide value. For your guests – but also for you: All relevant facts and figures are available at a glance ensuring professional post-processing of information, facilitating cutting-edge marketing activities, and enabling long-term contact with your customers directly in the home.
With SKIDATA you have the right partner by your side to realize and to benefit from a system which goes far beyond the traditional concept of access management. The SKIDATA solution offers a 360° perspective that not only takes your needs into account, but also the needs of your guests. Create comprehensive customer experiences with the SKIDATA Customer Journey.

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